October 24, 2006

Possible New Alec Defrawy Scam in the Making

This morning I received an anonymous comment about Alec Defrawy and a new scam that he is currently cooking up. Here is a copy of the comment...

Alecs cell phone has been ringing off the hook, he didnt even eat breakfast, they have breakfast catered here in the morning, they are working on a new project tied in with youtube, selling talent a book on how to make your own talent video it will be sold for 199.95 it costs them a nickel as it is a ebook!!! Please help me stop them you are doing Gods work!

Now I can't think of anyone that would be stupid enough to buy an ebook for $200 let-alone a book on how to make a talent video. On the other hand I was stupid enough to sign up for his last scam (Talent Palooza).

Hey Alec! I hope this blog post makes you choke up your catered breakfast. You make me sick!


October 11, 2006

Talent Palooza announce the cancellation of Talent Palooza 06

An image on the old main Talent Palooza site announced yesterday that the Talent Palooza 06 event that was originally scheduled for December 2006 has been canceled. This news does not come as a shock to anyone that has been following the scam patterns of Alec Defrawy and Michael Fomkin. Shortly after people started noticing the image Talent Palooza started doing a redirect to their new website. The new website doe not say anything about the Talent Palooza event being canceled, so I'm not totally sure what Defrawy and Fomkin might be tryig to do. Here is a copy of the announcement.

The management and staff of Talent Palooza sadly announce the cancellation of Talent Palooza ’06 that was originally scheduled for December 2006. All clients should have now been issued a full refund of monies paid to Talent Palooza. If you have not received your refund or have not received a letter from Talent Palooza describing the steps to obtain your refund, please contact our e-mail support staff at customerservice@paloozatalent.com.

Please be assured that every effort was made to insure a successful event at Talent Palooza ’06. Unfortunately, almost from the very inception of the concept of the event, untruthful and defamatory attacks were made against the company and the event and posted on the internet. These attacks made it virtually impossible to do justice to such a bold concept as Talent Palooza ’06 as it severely hampered our ability to secure sufficient attendees and industry professionals to make the event economically viable. While the internet is a valuable resource for information, unfortunately, not all information which is posted can be verified as accurate, and yet, is often taken as accurate and truthful by webusers. These types of attacks made the production of Talent Plooza ’06, in the end, unprofitable for both the contestants and the producers. For those who believed, supported, and sought to participate in the Talent Palooza ’06, we offer our most sincere thanks and regrets.

Our staff for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of this posting will be available to assist any client experiencing difficulty in obtaining a credit provided a refund of any sums paid to secure attendance at Talent Palooza ’06. Thereafter, clients must independently obtain a refund through their respective credit providers.

I love how they try to pin the blame on sites like this and scam.com. Unfortunately for Talent Palooza, their company is a scam! That is the one and only reason why their last two events were canceled.


October 10, 2006

Ex Talent palooza Employee Seeking Justice

Here is another ex Talent Palooza employee message board post that I found on scam.com I'm happy to see that this person is seeking justice for what has been done.

I just found this site and this info. I worked at the Brentwood office although I am uncomfortable putting any personal info on here because I think that Mike Fomkin is a scary criminal and is probably dangerous...ANYONE that does this to people is mentally disturbed. I am so upset and distraught to have found myself not just in the middle of a scam but as a part of it! These people made us feel like we were special and part of something big. What can we do about this! I can not understand why this is allowed to go on. I started becoming really suspicious about the whole thing a few weeks before they left the Brentwood office. They didn't even tell us that they were leaving and just like they did in NY they packed everything up in the middle of the night! Our paychecks were very suspicious looking personal checks and mine bounced! I can not believe this. I put a lot of time and energy into the job and it turns out i was working for free the whole time! The really frustrating thing is that i became really suspicious about the operation a few weeks before they ditched us and started collecting loads of information about the company and taking down numbers of the "talent" etc and I called the police with the info and they didn't even take me seriously. I didn't and still don't know where to go with the information i have. I have found a few sites talking about this scam including this one and also ripoffreport and easybackgroundcheck.com. There they have pictures of him posted and indeed that is the guy who was our boss, along with a woman who called herself Marabel, and a guy named Matt. I am NOT letting this shit slide. It seems like there are SO MANY people who are reporting this scam (under all its different names) and that with that much information this could be a huge case...why aren't these people in jail? I refuse to live with the fact that i sold excited children tickets to an event that isn't even going to happen. Please help. I am going to try and contact Dateline who i heard has done some stuff on this before and have already filed police reports in Nashville as well as with the Fraud Unit in Tennessee. I think that law enforcement may have to be bybassed in this situation however as they were not very helpful...maybe because they don't often here about these kinds of things here in the good ole' south i have no idea. Has anyone contacted a lawyer or made any sort of attempt to actually take action on these people instead of just talking about it? If not at the least i think that you should all file police reports, not just where you are from (NY, New Jersey..?) but also in Nashville. If say 50 people both ex-employees and "talent" alike file complaints there is no way this will go unnoticed.


October 05, 2006

Yet Another Talent Palooza Scam Victim

I found this Talent Palooza Scam Victim story on scam.com (There website is filled with tons of great information) today. I had to edit this womans story a little bit because her grammer is really bad. I have added a link to her original post at the bottom of this blog thread so you can read the uncut version if you would like.

Sooo I’m a complete dumbass and I am literally loosing my mind. After signing up for this damn Talent Palooza show I was excited that they called me back when I had registered to be called. They made me look like a dumbass doing this damn interview and singing for them over the phone! Then comes the catch… they want me to put out 1700 dollars and 500 that night, well I don’t have that kind of money... I didn’t even have 500 dollars in my bank account and I don’t own a credit card. So I told them I couldn’t do it, and then this woman Emily sounding all nice decides to make me a deal after putting me on hold for 15 minutes. She said that if I don’t stay in the fancy hotel and provide my own food it would only be 600 dollars for me to attend the Talent Palooza event. Okay I could work that out... so this Friday they took out 200 dollars from my bank account. Well I just recently lost a friend in a car accident and decided that going up to Indiana for his funeral is way more important than this event, so I tried getting a hold of them... no answer, I tried a different number... disconnected. So I start getting worried then I tried their website... its down!! WHAT THE HELL IS GOIN ON! So today I looked up Talent Palooza online and I found this website and I am in complete disbelief. I knew my mother was right! Keep in mind this money is coming directly out of my bank account. I don’t have a credit card I thought about not having any money in my bank but that would be worse because my bank has overdraft for over 500 dollars so they'll pay it for me, but I will be negative and have to pay it back!! So after seeing this I decide to call the hotel and see if TALENT PALOOZA is actually reserved to be there… and they are? The lady said they have received a few phone calls asking the same question and is going to go to the head of the hotel, so hopefully they will figure them out because I told her that they are using their hotel for their scam. I’m in complete shock and I don’t know what to do. Will this go on over the months... will they really get 600 dollars, or even more out of me!!! WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT THIS? ughhhhhh I’m lost... I’m such a fool, and my friends signed up too… did they get screwed also?

You can find the original post here... www.scam.com/showpost.php?p=258420&postcount=147


September 28, 2006

Talent Palooza Events Booking Part 2

A few weeks ago I posted a blog entry about Talent Palooza using Talent Rock's Name to Book Events. Annette, one of the members of scam.com contacted Talent Rock about this matter, and than posted the response she got back. Here is that response...

Dear Annette,

The owners of the company that run the Talent Palooza were former partners in the Wilhelmina Scouting Network when Louis Pearlman bought the company. Mr. Pearlman decided to bankrupt the company due to bad business practices that were taking place before he bought the company. Hence, all of the bad press on the internet. Those individuals have been trying to copy everything we do at Talent Rock, (including holding events in the same locations, during the same time as our events). We had our Holiday Fest 2005 event at the Gaylord Palms last December and our Summer Fest 2006 at the Peabody Resort in May of this year. I can tell you for sure that Talent Rock is a legitimate event company, but I would do some serious study about the company that you are referring to. Check with the Central Florida Better Business Bureau to see what you can find. That would be your best source. We are in no way affiliated with them, nor would we ever recommend them as a legitimate way to discover talent.

Scott Bliege

Talent Rock Administration
Monday through Friday
9:00AM to 4:45PM EST

Annette says she is now going to send an email Gaylord. I'm sure the response will be posted on scam.com in a few days, so once I see it I will be sure to blog about it.


September 22, 2006

Funny Comment about Palooza Talent and Alec Defrawy

Yesterday I received a funny comment request that I would like to share with everyone. I have a funny feeling this comment was made by Alec Defrawy himself.

I am a former employee of Defrawy's and I can tell you that they 100% as of two weeks ago (last time I was in the office) are planning to move the event forward and are not planning on running off with people's money. There are people (Fomkin) who are completely irresponsible and will take the money and run if allowed to, but there are others who have him on a short leash. I think this site is unfair because it is very one sided and does nothing but go on conjecture. The way these guys market through the internet it hits hundreds of thousands of people's email every week and of those some are going to freak out and write negativity. It is inevitable. If you think by buying a ticket and attending the event you will be the next Britney Spears think again. All you are buying is a chance to be seen by people in the business nothing more. A ticket does not guarantee success. Good luck to everyone in attendance and I hope people like the author of this blog understand this he said she said stuff hurts people's livelihood's and impairs their ability to do business.

This has to be the most foolish comment I have ever come across. Let’s take a moment to point out all the crazy statements made in this comment.

There are people (Fomkin) who are completely irresponsible and will take the money and run if allowed to, but there are others who have him on a short leash.

Ok, so you are telling me that Michael Fomkin (the owner of the company) is completely irresponsible and will take the money and run if allowed, and you want people to trust you because he is being kept on a short leash. Does this sound retarded to anyone else?

I think this site is unfair because it is very one sided and does nothing but go on conjecture.

You are 100% right. This blog is one-sided because Palooza Talent only has one side, and it’s a SCAM! You seem to be forgetting that my family was personally scammed by Palooza Talent back when they were calling themselves Talent Palooza.

The way these guys market through the internet it hits hundreds of thousands of people's email every week and of those some are going to freak out and write negativity.

In other words... Palooza Talent sends out massive amounts of email spam about their talent and employment scam, and some people freak out about it. How Shocking!

If you think by buying a ticket and attending the event you will be the next Britney Spears think again. All you are buying is a chance to be seen by people in the business nothing more. A ticket does not guarantee success.

You should be thankful that your summer scam event never happened. You would have had many very pissed off family on your hands. My daughter, wife and I know how hard it is to get into the entertainment industry, and we had no thoughts about our daughter becoming a star by just going to the Talent Palooza event. The only reason we are pissed is because Palooza Talent ended up being a giant SCAM!

This blog was made to help warn people about the Palooza Talent scam. I will continue to publish information until they are stopped. Thank you for your comment. I hope you write back again sometime soon.


September 13, 2006

Photos of Alec Defrawy and Michael Fomkin

Here are two of the most recent photos of Alec Defrawy and Michael Fomkin that I could find online...

Alec DefrawyAlec Defrawy

Michael FomkinMichael Fomkin