August 24, 2006

Talent Palooza Opens New Domain

The are many Talent Palooza domain names out there. Most of these domains are being used as junk content sites to help Talent Palooza saturate the search engine results. The reason they do this is because they are trying to stop site like mine and other scam buster sites from showing up in the results. I guess that plan is working so good because my website is doing better than all their websites combined.

Talent Palooza's new domian name is I'm not 100% sure why they started this new domain, but I am guess that they are going to start targeting "Palooza Talent" rather than "Talent Palooza". I really can't see any other reason for the change.

Here is a list of some of the other domains Talent Palooza is using:

I'm sure I might have missed a few, so if you know of anymore please email them to me and I will add them to the list.


August 23, 2006

Making Progress

It has been a little less than a month since I started this blog about the Talent Palooza Scams. As I was doing some research yesterday I found that our search engine results are finally starting to come in, and the positioning of my targeted keywords are looking very good thus far. Over the next few months this blog will continue to climb in the search results until we reach the top of all the major search engines.

I also hooked the blog up to FeedBurner to make it easier for bloggers to subscribe to Talent Palooza Scam and its blog posts. This move has also proved to be highly successful. I have been receiving many subscriptions, so thanks to all my subscribers out there in cyberspace.

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August 22, 2006

Potential Talent Palooza Client Speaks His Mind

I came across this post on a thread about the Talent Palooza Scam. I made a few lite modifications to the post to make it easier to read. If you would like to check out the full original post please click the link at the bottom of this blog post.

"I just got off the phone with them (Talent Palooza) a couple of hours ago, and the same alarms went off in my head.

I've been registered with Impactww for a number of months now, and the first scammish thing that had me concerned was the fact that I couldn't unsubscribe from the daily influx of "booking requests". I tried unsubscribing at least 10 times, and it does NOTHING! They're all just forwarded to my junk mailbox now.

A few days ago, I saw the notice about the Palooza Talent Show, and I decided to put my number down to hear more about it. I'll give them credit for one thing: they called right on the time that I requested they call. I spoke with a "Mike", who took me through the spiel, then asked some questions about myself, under the guise of qualifying me for the next round. Once I was accepted, I moved on to another "Mike" (one of 3, apparently!), who asked me some more questions about my aspirations, and why I deserve to be at this event in Orlando, Florida. I could tell it didn't really matter what I said, because while I was going on about myself, I could hear that he wanted to interject. As far as he was concerned, I was already "approved", especially since I said I could afford the $1295 for such an endeavor while he was qualifying me as a finalist ("Finalist", HA! What an ego-stroker!). I was then passed on to another "Mike", or maybe the same, I didn't really care. I told them I was at work, and wished to call back a little later. He gave me his direct line: 212.334.5325 ext.204. That's when I hopped online and started researching ImpactWW and this event. Eventually I ended up here, and I'm so glad Klaas and people like him are around to debunk all this bullshit! I've been reading posts and comments and legal crap for a couple of hours now. I saw that the number Mike provided me was the same number listed on the Talent Palooza site, and the addresses of that agency and ImpactWW, and Impact210, AND TooSpoiled, ALL share the same address. Nice try, fuckers. I'm about to call them back and express my feelings."

Original Post


Talent Palooza Charging More for their Scam

I was just recently informed that Talent Palooza has raised the cost of their events from $895.00 to $1295.00. If the talent can't pay the full $1295.00 up front than they can opt to pay in installments, but the price for this option will cost the talent $1495.00

Ok, so in other words... Talent Palooza's scam is now going to rip you off another $400.00 to $600.00.


August 17, 2006

Yahoo Email Hacked

I just found out that the Yahoo email ( address that I had setup for this website was hacked into. I have been deleting all the emails that everyone has been sending me, so there is no need to worry about anyone finding out your identity or email address.

I just set up a new email address with Gmail, so starting today please send all emails to

I'm not sure what this hack or script kiddie was doing with my email account. I'm guessing it was being used to send out spam but you never know. All emails if any that were sent to me between August 12 - 16 were deleted by the hacker/scripter, so if you sent me an email during that time please resend your emails to my new address.

Thanks and sorry for all the confusion

- Rick


Talent Palooza Shutdown Main Office in New York

This info has been verified by 3 Impact employees: Impact WW / Talent Palooza / Too Spoiled has shut down business at its main office in New York at 447 Broadway. On Friday August 11, employees were told that the office was being moved. Impact apparently had been evicted for not paying its $10,000/month rent. Employees were told that a smaller office was being sought in another part of New York. In the meantime, as Impact scaled back, employees would be able to work from home, beginning the week of August 21. The move came as a surprise to all of Impact's employees who were not forwarned prior to moving day! Impact also plans to change its name to Too Spoiled.


August 09, 2006

Talent Palooza using Talent Rock's Name to Book Events

Early this morning I received an anonymous email that contained two links to two different threads. The first thread is from a person that sent an email to the Gaylord Palms Hotel Management warning them about the Talent Palooza Scam. Here is a copy of the email that was sent along with the reply from the Gaylord Palms Hotel.

"Thanks for the information. However this is the third year this same group has been hosting this event at our resort. I can assure you that the event is an actual event and will take place here in December.

They take care of all their own reservations, the registered attendees pay them for the reservations, etc, and then they pay us.

We do appreciate your concern.

Xxx Xxxxxxxxx
Reservation Specialist
Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center
6000 West Osceola Parkway
Kissimmee, Florida 34746
407.586.2259 Fax

Visit us online at


Gaylord Palms Resort has been named "Best Florida Resort" four years in a row by Florida Monthly Magazine.

-----Original Message-----
From: xxxx []
Sent: Monday, August 07, 2006 8:32 PM
To: Florida Info; HotelGeneralManager
Subject: You may want to check the credibility of one of your booked groups

Dear Hotel Management

You have a group called Talent Palooza '06 booked for your hotel but it appears that the orginization is either a scam or someone is using the organization as a scam. Either way you may want to speak with your booking contact and double check your deposit checks. Here are some links you may want to check out. If you wonder about me, feel free to call me at or home

I am currently in a job search and almost was suckered into giving these people my information. It just really bugs me that someone would take advantage of people who are trying to better themselves by applying for jobs. I also spent 6 years in hotel sales and know if you have this group pull out at the last minute you will likely lose a lot of money and won't be able to re-book the space and rooms on short notice.

Good luck, let me know if I was right......


I hope I have saved you some headaches. Good luck...."

Here is where things get a lot more interesting. Take notice that in the reply from the Gaylord Palms Hotel the Reservation Specialist states that "this is the third year this same group has been hosting this event at our resort." In the second thread another member writes...

"As far as I can see this would be the first time ever for Talent Palooza. Nevertheless it is alleged the event has been held several times before in the Gaylord. Booked by the "same group".

I think the Gaylord has been misled, by Talent Palooza falsely pretending they are the same group as behind Fashion Rock aka Talent Rock."

After viewing both of these threads I went over to the Talent Rock website to see if I can find any information on the locations of Talent Rock’s past events. Sure enough they have a past event section on their website, and to my surprise I found that Talent Rock did indeed host two events at the Gaylord Palms Hotel. One was back in 2003 and the last was in 2005. The upcoming Talent Palooza event would make number 3.


August 08, 2006

5 Fun Facts about Talent Palooza

I was contacted via email by another one of Talent Palooza's employees yesterday. In the email the employee lists off 5 fun facts about Talent Palooza and their other companies.

  • Even though the BBB lists Peter Luterek as President, Mike Fomkin is actually the President, at least in the New York area. He is the majority owner of the company.
  • All full time staff at Impact/Talent Palooza are paid as Independent Contractors, NOT Employees. This allows Impact to avoid paying payroll taxes to the IRS.
  • Recently, most of the main office administration left for various reasons. They were immediately replaced by the office secretaries to handle accounting, scheduling, payments, etc. There are no plans to hire actual business administrators to handle these tasks.
  • Impact 210/Worldwide, the company that runs, Talent Palooza, and, is actually owned by Creative Minds Management, LLC.
  • Mike Fomkin's next plan is to get into the music business. He plans to create a chain of corporately owned recoding studios. These studios will entice new musical talent to record demos for themselves.

Funny, right before I received this email I was looking at a BBB business report on Impact 210 Worldwide. This BBB report does list Peter Luterek as the President of the company, but in the contact information it lists Mike Fomkin's email address rather than Luterek's. This can only mean one thing... Mike Fomkin is using Peter Luterek as a scapegoat.


August 07, 2006

Talent Palooza/Impact Worldwide Client Blog Post

I found a link to this blog post on This blog posts dates back to March before Impact Worldwide created Talent Palooza.

"I did something very stupid w/ my debit card number and now I'm gonna pay out the ass for it. I've always had an issue with putting too much trust in people, and this time, as usual, it has bitten me in ass, but this time a little harder. One of my bosses at work gave me information for this internet company, Impact Worldwide, that he just started working for part time. I don't even think he understood what it was about to be honest. It's a general talent agency looking for models, actors, musicians, ect. Normally I wouldn't even give a website like that a second thought, but since my boss was involved it seemed like a trustworthy endevor. How wrong I was. How very ,very wrong I was. They took my card number and charged first $895 to it, but since it wouldn't go through, dropped down to $475, which did go through. Now I'm overdrafted like a sonofabitch because my naive little ass put trust where it NEVER should have been. I'm gonna talk to my boss about it and tell him to get out before it's too late for him. I've cancelled my card, but I have to wait until the charge posts to see where the money is going before I can dispute the charge. So until then, I'm more than dead broke. Luckily, Chris is gonna send me some money to survive off of for the next couple weeks until I get paid. I'm going to stop my direct deposit for now, and all my automatic bill pays. This account is going to be unused, period, for a while."
Original Blog Post


August 04, 2006

Talent Palooza Employee Speaks Out

An employee of Talent Palooza told me that he heard through office gossip that the event was canceled.

Here is a direct quote from his email to me:

"It made me sick to think that the event I had been working on and promising people that it wasnt a scam was canceled without me knowing. Mike Fomkin told us it was 'sold out' sometime in early July and to start scheduling people for the December event which had already been in the works. Of course, rumor in the office was that it was canceled BECAUSE it wasn't sold out and there was no way we could have gotten the promised 1500 people for September. I have my doubts about the December event taking place too."

I had a feeling I was going to start getting a few emails here and there from other people like me that have been scammed by Talent Palooza, but I would have never guessed that my first email would come from one of Talent Palooza's employees.


August 03, 2006

The Two Men Behind Talent Palooza

In my last blog post we talked about the two types of scams that Talent Palooza is running. Now let meet the two men behind Talent Palooza, Alec Defrawy and Michael Fomkin.

Alec Defrawy:

Alec Defrawy has been involved in countless criminal activities for well over 10 years now. Alec has even been convicted for committing bank wire fraud on his very own father. It does not get any lower than that, or does it? Here is a list of some other criminal activities Alec Defrawy has been charged with:

  • Child Abuse
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Conspiracy to Commit Bank Fraud and Wire Fraud
  • False Financial Reporting
  • Illegal Phone Call Recordings
  • False Advertising
  • Copyright Violations for Commercial Purposes
  • Internet Fraud
  • Conspiracy to Commit Internet Fraud
  • Internet Defamation
  • Conspiracy to Defraud the Media
  • Unpaid Restitution

If you would like some more detailed information about Alec Defrawy and the criminal activities he has been involved in just do a Google search for his name and you will find tons of useful information.

Michael Fomkin:

Michael Fomkin has also been involved in many criminal activities. Michael Fomkin is the brains and money behind most of the online modeling and talent scams. Michael been called the worst exploitation of young talent the entertainment industry has ever seen. After the Wilhelmina Scouting Network scam collapsed, following extensive exposure by the media, including an NBC Dateline Report, Fomkin started an illegal online business that was running a photo mill scam. Michael Fomkin is also behind may other scam websites like Impact worldwide Talent, One Source Talent, Impact 210 and a few others.

If you would like some more detailed information about Michael Fomkin and the criminal activities he has been involved in just do a Google search for his name.


August 02, 2006

A Look at Talent Palooza

Talent Palooza is a new addition to the Impact Worldwide Talent scam ring. Talent Palooza is a two way scam just like all the other websites in the Impact Worldwide Talent network. They have both an employment and a talent scam.

The employment scam works like this... Talent Palooza uses job finder websites, online message boards, and blogs to harvest emails of people who are looking for a job. You are than lead to believe that you are applying for a steady job with a salary, but when you go in for your interview you are told that only pure commission based positions are the only jobs offered? If you end up taking the job you will never end up getting paid. Talent Palooza will just lie and say that none of your leads ended up signing up for their talent scam.

The talent scam works like this... Talent Palooza has very little people on staff due to their employment scam, so most people find Talent Palooza by using a search engine. How do they show up on all the search engines? That’s easy! Talent Palooza has created many search engine friendly feeder sites in order to saturate the search engine results with a ton a junk content, and all of these feeder sites send traffic to the main Talent Palooza website. This main website leads many young talent acts to think that Talent Palooza is one of the largest extravaganzas the entertainment industry has ever seen. The truth of the matter is that entertainment industry only knows Talent Palooza as being a nasty talent scam. Talent Palooza claims to offer things like:

  • Over 100 of the industry's top decision makers and movers there for you!
  • A chance to meet and mingle with celebrities, directors, agents and top network executives!
  • 3 Days of amazing competitions showcasing some of the world's newest and upcoming talent!
  • Spectacular parties and networking events for all ages!
  • A chance to be discovered and win $100,000 in prizes.

The only problem is that none of it is true. Talent Palooza will just end up charging your credit card and run off with your money.

Here is some proof! I pulled this off of a blog about two weeks ago...

"so i completely lost track of why i even got on this lil blog central of mine... to let everyone know that in september i will not be going to orlando for labor day. the officials are worried about hurricane season so they have rescheduled for the middle of december. and if you're wondering, they have a name for it: Talent Palooza *yeah, i laughed too* go ahead and google it, you silly little google-ites! but they sent me an email letting me know it changed and that they'd cover the cost of flight changes as well as including a photoshoot with a world renowned photographer, whose name i forgot, but a normal shoot with him would run about 600 bucks a session... and i get it for free so that's what i came on to say. and that's nice because it gives me a little more time to prepare and settle in before i have to take off! yay me"

Rescheduled due to hurricane season, yeah right!


August 01, 2006

Welcome to Talent Palooza Scam

This website was created to help warn people in advance that the company Talent Palooza is nothing more than a nasty internet talent search scam. Over the next few weeks I will be posting many archived news, press and customer stories about the Talent Palooza scam.

If you have been scammed this company we want to hear from you. Please send us an email about your experience with Talent Palooza and we will add it to our blog for the world to see. Our email address is