August 08, 2006

5 Fun Facts about Talent Palooza

I was contacted via email by another one of Talent Palooza's employees yesterday. In the email the employee lists off 5 fun facts about Talent Palooza and their other companies.

  • Even though the BBB lists Peter Luterek as President, Mike Fomkin is actually the President, at least in the New York area. He is the majority owner of the company.
  • All full time staff at Impact/Talent Palooza are paid as Independent Contractors, NOT Employees. This allows Impact to avoid paying payroll taxes to the IRS.
  • Recently, most of the main office administration left for various reasons. They were immediately replaced by the office secretaries to handle accounting, scheduling, payments, etc. There are no plans to hire actual business administrators to handle these tasks.
  • Impact 210/Worldwide, the company that runs, Talent Palooza, and, is actually owned by Creative Minds Management, LLC.
  • Mike Fomkin's next plan is to get into the music business. He plans to create a chain of corporately owned recoding studios. These studios will entice new musical talent to record demos for themselves.

Funny, right before I received this email I was looking at a BBB business report on Impact 210 Worldwide. This BBB report does list Peter Luterek as the President of the company, but in the contact information it lists Mike Fomkin's email address rather than Luterek's. This can only mean one thing... Mike Fomkin is using Peter Luterek as a scapegoat.



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