August 02, 2006

A Look at Talent Palooza

Talent Palooza is a new addition to the Impact Worldwide Talent scam ring. Talent Palooza is a two way scam just like all the other websites in the Impact Worldwide Talent network. They have both an employment and a talent scam.

The employment scam works like this... Talent Palooza uses job finder websites, online message boards, and blogs to harvest emails of people who are looking for a job. You are than lead to believe that you are applying for a steady job with a salary, but when you go in for your interview you are told that only pure commission based positions are the only jobs offered? If you end up taking the job you will never end up getting paid. Talent Palooza will just lie and say that none of your leads ended up signing up for their talent scam.

The talent scam works like this... Talent Palooza has very little people on staff due to their employment scam, so most people find Talent Palooza by using a search engine. How do they show up on all the search engines? That’s easy! Talent Palooza has created many search engine friendly feeder sites in order to saturate the search engine results with a ton a junk content, and all of these feeder sites send traffic to the main Talent Palooza website. This main website leads many young talent acts to think that Talent Palooza is one of the largest extravaganzas the entertainment industry has ever seen. The truth of the matter is that entertainment industry only knows Talent Palooza as being a nasty talent scam. Talent Palooza claims to offer things like:

  • Over 100 of the industry's top decision makers and movers there for you!
  • A chance to meet and mingle with celebrities, directors, agents and top network executives!
  • 3 Days of amazing competitions showcasing some of the world's newest and upcoming talent!
  • Spectacular parties and networking events for all ages!
  • A chance to be discovered and win $100,000 in prizes.

The only problem is that none of it is true. Talent Palooza will just end up charging your credit card and run off with your money.

Here is some proof! I pulled this off of a blog about two weeks ago...

"so i completely lost track of why i even got on this lil blog central of mine... to let everyone know that in september i will not be going to orlando for labor day. the officials are worried about hurricane season so they have rescheduled for the middle of december. and if you're wondering, they have a name for it: Talent Palooza *yeah, i laughed too* go ahead and google it, you silly little google-ites! but they sent me an email letting me know it changed and that they'd cover the cost of flight changes as well as including a photoshoot with a world renowned photographer, whose name i forgot, but a normal shoot with him would run about 600 bucks a session... and i get it for free so that's what i came on to say. and that's nice because it gives me a little more time to prepare and settle in before i have to take off! yay me"

Rescheduled due to hurricane season, yeah right!



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