August 07, 2006

Talent Palooza/Impact Worldwide Client Blog Post

I found a link to this blog post on This blog posts dates back to March before Impact Worldwide created Talent Palooza.

"I did something very stupid w/ my debit card number and now I'm gonna pay out the ass for it. I've always had an issue with putting too much trust in people, and this time, as usual, it has bitten me in ass, but this time a little harder. One of my bosses at work gave me information for this internet company, Impact Worldwide, that he just started working for part time. I don't even think he understood what it was about to be honest. It's a general talent agency looking for models, actors, musicians, ect. Normally I wouldn't even give a website like that a second thought, but since my boss was involved it seemed like a trustworthy endevor. How wrong I was. How very ,very wrong I was. They took my card number and charged first $895 to it, but since it wouldn't go through, dropped down to $475, which did go through. Now I'm overdrafted like a sonofabitch because my naive little ass put trust where it NEVER should have been. I'm gonna talk to my boss about it and tell him to get out before it's too late for him. I've cancelled my card, but I have to wait until the charge posts to see where the money is going before I can dispute the charge. So until then, I'm more than dead broke. Luckily, Chris is gonna send me some money to survive off of for the next couple weeks until I get paid. I'm going to stop my direct deposit for now, and all my automatic bill pays. This account is going to be unused, period, for a while."
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