October 10, 2006

Ex Talent palooza Employee Seeking Justice

Here is another ex Talent Palooza employee message board post that I found on scam.com I'm happy to see that this person is seeking justice for what has been done.

I just found this site and this info. I worked at the Brentwood office although I am uncomfortable putting any personal info on here because I think that Mike Fomkin is a scary criminal and is probably dangerous...ANYONE that does this to people is mentally disturbed. I am so upset and distraught to have found myself not just in the middle of a scam but as a part of it! These people made us feel like we were special and part of something big. What can we do about this! I can not understand why this is allowed to go on. I started becoming really suspicious about the whole thing a few weeks before they left the Brentwood office. They didn't even tell us that they were leaving and just like they did in NY they packed everything up in the middle of the night! Our paychecks were very suspicious looking personal checks and mine bounced! I can not believe this. I put a lot of time and energy into the job and it turns out i was working for free the whole time! The really frustrating thing is that i became really suspicious about the operation a few weeks before they ditched us and started collecting loads of information about the company and taking down numbers of the "talent" etc and I called the police with the info and they didn't even take me seriously. I didn't and still don't know where to go with the information i have. I have found a few sites talking about this scam including this one and also ripoffreport and easybackgroundcheck.com. There they have pictures of him posted and indeed that is the guy who was our boss, along with a woman who called herself Marabel, and a guy named Matt. I am NOT letting this shit slide. It seems like there are SO MANY people who are reporting this scam (under all its different names) and that with that much information this could be a huge case...why aren't these people in jail? I refuse to live with the fact that i sold excited children tickets to an event that isn't even going to happen. Please help. I am going to try and contact Dateline who i heard has done some stuff on this before and have already filed police reports in Nashville as well as with the Fraud Unit in Tennessee. I think that law enforcement may have to be bybassed in this situation however as they were not very helpful...maybe because they don't often here about these kinds of things here in the good ole' south i have no idea. Has anyone contacted a lawyer or made any sort of attempt to actually take action on these people instead of just talking about it? If not at the least i think that you should all file police reports, not just where you are from (NY, New Jersey..?) but also in Nashville. If say 50 people both ex-employees and "talent" alike file complaints there is no way this will go unnoticed.



At 3:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am glad to here some one else is going after them too... I hope you come back and read this.... Who have you talk to in the Nashville police and the Fraud unit in Tennessee... Maybe the owner of this blog can put us both in contact with each other…. I Hope so LET TAKE this fuckers down


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