October 05, 2006

Yet Another Talent Palooza Scam Victim

I found this Talent Palooza Scam Victim story on scam.com (There website is filled with tons of great information) today. I had to edit this womans story a little bit because her grammer is really bad. I have added a link to her original post at the bottom of this blog thread so you can read the uncut version if you would like.

Sooo I’m a complete dumbass and I am literally loosing my mind. After signing up for this damn Talent Palooza show I was excited that they called me back when I had registered to be called. They made me look like a dumbass doing this damn interview and singing for them over the phone! Then comes the catch… they want me to put out 1700 dollars and 500 that night, well I don’t have that kind of money... I didn’t even have 500 dollars in my bank account and I don’t own a credit card. So I told them I couldn’t do it, and then this woman Emily sounding all nice decides to make me a deal after putting me on hold for 15 minutes. She said that if I don’t stay in the fancy hotel and provide my own food it would only be 600 dollars for me to attend the Talent Palooza event. Okay I could work that out... so this Friday they took out 200 dollars from my bank account. Well I just recently lost a friend in a car accident and decided that going up to Indiana for his funeral is way more important than this event, so I tried getting a hold of them... no answer, I tried a different number... disconnected. So I start getting worried then I tried their website... its down!! WHAT THE HELL IS GOIN ON! So today I looked up Talent Palooza online and I found this website and I am in complete disbelief. I knew my mother was right! Keep in mind this money is coming directly out of my bank account. I don’t have a credit card I thought about not having any money in my bank but that would be worse because my bank has overdraft for over 500 dollars so they'll pay it for me, but I will be negative and have to pay it back!! So after seeing this I decide to call the hotel and see if TALENT PALOOZA is actually reserved to be there… and they are? The lady said they have received a few phone calls asking the same question and is going to go to the head of the hotel, so hopefully they will figure them out because I told her that they are using their hotel for their scam. I’m in complete shock and I don’t know what to do. Will this go on over the months... will they really get 600 dollars, or even more out of me!!! WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT THIS? ughhhhhh I’m lost... I’m such a fool, and my friends signed up too… did they get screwed also?

You can find the original post here... www.scam.com/showpost.php?p=258420&postcount=147



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